Project CRM

Extension of the existing enova365 CRM system

Creation and implementation of a module for managing service requests and projects

(The project was made for the internal use of the company)

About the program

The enova365 program is a modular software for comprehensive enterprise resource management. The fields of application of enova365 are, for example, finance and accounting, sales and CRM, HR and payroll.

Project assumptions

  • access to the module via a browser (support for remote work)
  • registration of service requests
  • the ability to assign tasks to consultants, programmers
  • creating a catalog of completed notifications (support for the complaint procedure)
  • timesheets of consultants and programmers
  • the ability to generate service hour billing reports (attached to invoices)
  • records and settlements of projects, division into stages, tasks

Add a task in CRM

My tasks

  • creating backlog tasks
  • prioritization of activities in order to plan the work (application of the MoSCoW technique)
  • testing solutions
  • preparation of instructions and conducting trainings
  • analysis of available software on the market
  • preparation of User Flows
  • preparation of mock-ups, e.g. a task card
  • coordinating work progress


The project was made using the Scrum method. Users were using the software all the time, it was necessary to deliver working solutions in stages.


User flows

User flows